Mining Infrastructure Products in Whitehorse

Without the appropriate tools, products and knowledge, mining can be a very dangerous job. When starting a mining project, you must ensure there is appropriate mining infrastructure to begin. Mining infrastructure includes components of mining that must exist in order to operate a mine efficiently, such as access roads, water treatment systems and more. 

While we don’t build roads, Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. does provide other aspects of mining infrastructure so your Whitehorse project has the basic necessities. Serving Whitehorse and all of the Yukon, we have been a trusted supplier for industrial and residential clients since the 1980s.

Comprehensive Mining Infrastructure Supplies in Whitehorse

Since many mining campsites are in remote areas, it’s essential that you can provide your team with running water, septic systems and heating units. We supply a wide range of these mining infrastructure necessities in Whitehorse to help you manage your campsite efficiently while on the job. Our supplies include:

  • Water treatment systems – We provide water treatment systems so your crew never goes thirsty. 
  • Septic systems – We offer a wide range of septic tanks and septic pumps to meet the needs of your mining crew. 
  • Fuel systems – Keep your mining project running smoothly with our fuel systems. 
  • Water tanks – Our water tanks come in various sizes with a range of fittings to meet your site’s specific needs. 
  • Pumps – From septic pumps to fuel pumps, our team will supply the pumps you need.
  • Hoses – To complete your septic or water system, we also provide various hoses and fittings. 
  • Pressure washers – We supply cold water and hot water units as well as steamer units depending on your situation. 
  • Heating units – Days and nights in the Yukon can get cold. Keep your crew warm with heating units like our outdoor wood boilers.

We also offer hot shot and delivery services which allow us to transport other necessary equipment to your campsite, and we supply various skidsteer attachments designed to make your jobs easier.

Contact Us about Whitehorse Mining Infrastructure for All Types of Mining

When you’re starting a new mining project and need basic mining infrastructure for your Whitehorse worksite, rely on Hurlburt Enterprises. No matter what type of mining project you’re performing, from open pit mining to underground mining, our team can reach you and supply the mining infrastructure you need. To get the tools and products you need to ensure your team is safe and comfortable on the job, contact us today!

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