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High-powered Brushing and Trenching Equipment in the Yukon

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. is your trusted source for durable brushing and trenching equipment in the Yukon. We provide products from BaumaLight™. BuamaLight™ is a premier skid steer attachment supplier whose products feature a specialized rotor for maximum efficiency. Each tooth is carbide tipped and bolt-on replaceable for easy servicing, even when you’re in the field. The amount and position of these cutting teeth produce high quality mulch from not only brush and trees, but also grass, vegetation and some stones.


Trenching Equipment

Count on Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. for all your property’s trenching equipment. Skid steer mounted and featuring planetary gear drives and cup diggers, BaumaLight™ trenchers are in it for the long haul. The TN548 is perfect for placing and covering water, gas, power and communication lines and is able to dig trenches up to 4 feet deep. Contact Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. today for more information.



Brush Equipment

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. has all the brush equipment you will need for all your project. We offer Skid steer, PTO, self-propelled driven brush equipment. Contact Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. today for more information.

Brush image



Durable Trenching Equipment

We are your local source for durable trenching equipment.

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