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Tanks, Pumps, Hoses, Pipe Fixtures, Fittings & More!

A Trusted Supplier in Whitehorse

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., is an authorized wholesaler and distributor of pressure washers, pipes as well as hose fittings, or fuel and septic tanks in Whitehorse.

Hoses, Pipe Fixtures, Fittings, Pumps, and Tanks in the Yukon

Ensure the success of your project by turning to Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., for the materials, equipment, services and expertise you need to get the job done right. Specializing in remote living systems and accessories, we’ve been a trusted supplier for clients throughout the Yukon since the 1980s. Whether you need water treatment services, pressure washers, pipe and hose fittings, or pumps and tanks in the Yukon, you can find it here.

Septic, Water, Fuel and Expediting Solutions

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., goes beyond product sales by providing a range of services including water analysis, septic design, fence and building construction and affordable hotshot services. Having the right waste and water treatment systems in place is an important part of maintaining a high standard of living. Choosing the right components for remote, off-grid building systems is our specialty.

From Skid Steer Attachments to Farm Supplies

Our diversified operation sells everything from skid steer attachments to farm supplies and irrigation systems. Choose from our comprehensive list of products on this page to find more information. From the smallest home to the largest camp, we supply clients of all kinds. New product lines are added on a regular basis.

See how Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., can help keep your water treatment, fuel, or septic tanks in Whitehorse working properly. Consult with our professionals today!

Mining & Exploration

If you are starting a new mining project and need basic mining infrastructure for your Whitehorse worksite, you can rely on Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. Irrespective of your mining project, we provide you with open pit mining and underground mining. Contact us for all types of mining.

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Mining Infrastructure Supplies

Choose us for a wide range of mining infrastructure necessities in Whitehorse.

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