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ATV Trailers and Attachments in the Yukon

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. in the Yukon sells ATV trailers and snowmobile attachments from Equinox, a leading manufacturer of fibreglass and thermoplastic products. Learn more about the tough, lightweight and versatile product line from Equinox.

We carry the following types of recreation equipment:

  • ATV trailers and wagons

  • Skimmers and sleighs (Boggans™) for snowmobiles

Our ATV and snowmobile attachments come in a range of sizes and styles to meet your unique requirements. Whether you are hauling logs, carrying supplies or giving a ride to passengers, we have your solution. Contact Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. to place your order or simply come by and speak to us in person.

Pressure Washers

We provide LANDA® pressure washers in Yukon.

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