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Your Source for Fuel Transfer Hose in the Yukon

Turn to Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. for complete fuel transfer solutions in the Yukon. We supply high-quality products including all the hoses and fittings you need. We carry hose in a variety of lengths and diameters suitable for the transfer of diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene and petroleum oils. If you need a specific size or type, Hurlburt Enterprises is the team that can get it for you. From slip tanks to electric pumps, we have your fuel solutions.


If you're looking for fittings, we can help. We carry fittings in a variety of sizes and materials, all made to meet your specific needs. At Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., we take pride in building our own hoses and offering you many more quality products. Ask about our pickup and delivery service across the Yukon!

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