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Log Trailers, Logging Equipment and Winches in the Yukon

Count on Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., for a complete selection of logging equipment, supplies and winches in the Yukon. Proudly stocking products from Wallenstein, Hurlburt Enterprises helps keep logging crews throughout the region safe and productive. You’ll find a variety of logging equipment when you visit Hurlburt Enterprises.

Wood Processors

Visit Hurlburt Enterprises to browse our stock of Wallenstein wood processors. Designed to last and make quick work of all your logging needs, these processors include Subaru engines, hands-free return, and a compact folding ramp. We carry the WP200, WP600, and WP800 lines.


Equipped with a snatchblock pulley system, keyhole sliders and a tow bar, Wallenstein’s range of winches is second to none. Visit Hurlburt Enterprises today and learn more about our stock of winches, which includes FX65, FX90 and FX120 models.

Log Trailers

Construction crews and property owners throughout the Yukon count on Wallenstein’s Timber Talon log grapple trailers for high-efficiency work. Whether you’re looking for the 9.5 feet reach of the LX95/LT30 or require the 11 feet reach of the LX115/LT60, Hurlburt Enterprises promises competitive rates and total customer service.

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