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Purchase Berm Liners and Geotextile Cloth in the Yukon

Whether you are involved in roadwork, landscaping or construction, preparing and completing a project in a remote or rural area requires careful planning and execution in order to protect wildlife and features of the natural environment. From the storage of fuel and water supplies to excavation and earth engineering solutions, Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. has the products and industry knowledge you need. We carry civil environmental products such as berm liners and geotextiles in the Yukon from the industry leaders at Layfield Plastics. Our suppliers have over 30 years of experience creating various construction materials and environmental systems.

Our geotextile cloth is used in the following applications:

Erosion control
Fuel tanks, berm liners

Learn more about the types of products we carry from Layfield Plastics.

Pipe Insulation

For your commercial, industrial and residential projects rely on us.

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