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Sales and Service for Tanks, Pipe Fixtures, Hoses, Fittings, Septic & Water Pumps in the Yukon.

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., has everything you need to maintain your remote living system like septic and water pumps in the Yukon.

Water & Septic Systems

We serve the Yukon and surrounding areas with sales and service in the septic, water and fuel industries. We have the largest selection of complete package water and septic systems and can supply large and small fuel tanks, complemented with pumps, hoses, fittings and more. Remember, Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., will match any quoted price and throw superior service in for free! Please contact us to learn more or to discuss how we can assist you with your planned project.


We have a large selection of quality equipment and supplies. Some of the products we have available include:


Tanks– septic, water and fuel
Pumps– septic, water and fuel
Hose– suction, discharge, fire, drop line and fuel
Pipe– ABS and PVC for sewer and water lines
Fittings– all types of nylon, metal, brass and galvanized
Septic controls – float switches, level indicators, alarms, septic controls
Infiltrator® chambers – an alternative to pipe and stone septic fields
Irrigation- pumps, hoses, sprinklers, strainers, mixers
Water treatment– reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, softeners, iron filters, chlorination, filtration, design and install
Civil environment products – berm liners, erosion control, stabilization, geotech cloth
Insulation– polyurethane (tanks), polystyrene (pipe) and rigid sheet
Farm and ranch supplies – post, wire, gates, panels, feeders, waterers, heaters, feed, implements for hay, tillage, seeding and harvest
Recreation equipment – ATV trailers and wagons, skimmers and sleighs for snowmobiles
Camp supplies and service – septic and water systems, fuel tanks and containment, expediting and logistics
Pressure washers – cold water and hot water units, steamer units
Outdoor wood boilers – conventional and gasification units
Skid steer attachments and implements– brushing, trenching, chippers, splitters, earthworks, construction, agriculture, logging, generators
Mining infrastructure – products, services, tools and knowledge for any open pit, dredge, underground or quarrying mining project

And Much More!

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