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Livestock Feed in the Yukon: Purchase Hay, Straw, Wood Shavings and Alfalfa Cubes

Protect the health of your livestock with quality livestock feed in the Yukon from Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. We are pleased to supply alfalfa cubes and pellets from the leaders at Alfa Tec. Reduce your feed wastage and provide your animals with consistent nutrient quality. The Alberta-grown alfalfa products from Alfa Tec can be used as a primary source of forage or as a high-quality supplement. These natural feed products are highly digestible while providing the protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre your animals need. Read more from Alfa Tec.

Do you need to purchase hay or straw? Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. is happy to be your supplier. Contact us for immediate assistance.


Farm Fencing

Rely on our team to do fencing on your property.

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