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Polyethylene Water Tanks in the Yukon

As a dealer for the industry leaders at Marmit Plastics Inc., Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., carries water tanks in a wide range of sizes to meet your exact requirements. These high-density polyethylene water tanks available in the Yukon have vented or non-vented lids with options for stainless steel, PVC and polypropylene fittings. Our Marmit tanks feature tie-down slots and ears. If you need customized tanks and optional adaptors, Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., has your solution. If you don’t see the specific make or model that you need, please contact us for more information. View spec information for the water and agricultural tanks from Marmit Plastics.

Cylinder Tanks
Leg tanks
Loaf Tanks
Vertical Box Tanks
Horizontal Box Tanks
Vertical Tanks
Free Standing Horizontal Tanks
Cone Bottom Tanks

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