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Conventional Wood Boilers in the Yukon for Reliable Heating

Enjoy exceptional heating and long-lasting durability with the conventional wood boilers provided by the Yukon's trusted source - Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. We are proud to feature the quality products from our partners at Central Boiler®. These units not only provide reliable heat but they also bring you a new level of safety and convenience. There are many different sizes and colours available depending on your specific requirements. The skilled professionals at Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. can guide you to a system that makes sense for your budget and heating needs. Find more product specs and information from Central Boiler®. Learn about our gasification unit.

The Classic series of outdoor wood furnaces is easy to load and operate while maintaining durability, quality, and performance.

Explore Classic Furnaces

  • Classic CL 4030 Titanium Series

  • Classic CL 5036 Titanium Series

  • Classic CL 6048 Titanium Series

  • Classic CL 7260 Titanium Series

Save on heating bills with a Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace. Use wood pellets, corn or other types of biomass to heat your entire home.

Explore Maxim Furnaces


We provide outdoor gasification wood heating options.

Gasification Wood Heating

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