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Save Money with Our Gasification Wood Heating Units in the Yukon

The experts at Central Boiler® have taken wood heating to a new level with their gasification wood heating units, available in the Yukon from Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. These outdoor wood boilers will greatly reduce emissions while enhancing efficiency. In fact, the combustion process burns wood so completely, these units are capable of efficiencies approaching 100%. Learn more about the process and view the many different models, colours and options available. If you have questions, the highly trained staff at Hurlburt Enterprises has answers. Please call or simply stop by to speak with us.

The Classic Edge is the easiest EPA certified outdoor wood furnace to operate and maintain we’ve ever offered. Packed full of features that no other furnace offers, the Classic Edge is also the best value on the market.

Explore Classic Edge Furnaces

  • Classic Edge 350 Titanium HD Series

  • Classic Edge 550 Titanium HD Series

  • Classic Edge 750 Titanium HD Series

Highly efficient, the E-Classic is the most advanced outdoor wood furnace on the market. Stainless models are available.

  • E-Classic 1450

  • E-Classic 3250 Titanium Series


Brushing and Trenching

We provide products from the leading supplier, BaumaLight.

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