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Your Source for Septic Tanks in the Yukon

When you need a septic tank in the Yukon, choose Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. We are the exclusive distributor for Equinox which features a variety of septic tanks in a range of sizes from 150 imperial gallons to 15,000 imperial gallons. Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., can equip you with trickle tanks, holding
tanks, siphon tanks, pump out tanks and effluent filters from the leaders at Equinox. Find Yukon product specifications including model number, retention capacity, size and shipping weight.

Burial tanks are available to meet your exact requirements. Our Equinox Guardian™ septic tanks are CSA approved and offer a corrosion-proof unibody construction for a watertight seal. These quality manufactured products come with up to a 10-year conditional warranty. Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., carries a full line of field materials and accessories including pumps, controls and Infiltrator® chambers.

Equinox Product Specifications

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc., can equip you with other Equinox products. Find this product information. 

Deep Burial Tanks

These units are designed to be buried with the top of the tank below the frost line. They should not be placed more than 7 feet below ground level.

Extra Deep Burial Tanks

These tanks can be buried up to 10 feet or used for other custom applications. Prices vary for tanks exceeding 7’ depths.

Sectional Tanks

Providing cost-effective shipping solutions, sectional tanks nest together in transport. These tanks require field assembly.

Select one of the Equinox tanks below to find more information on our septic tanks available across Whitehorse! Need help making a decision? Contact us today!

Yukon Certified Tanks, Built for the North

  • Fibreglass Guardian tanks

  • Fibreglass Guardian sectional tanks

Other Tanks Available from Equinox

  • Ball tanks

  • 2 and 3 compartment tanks

  • Water storage tanks

  • Low profile sewage tanks

  • 6 ft and 8 ft diameter commercial tanks

  • Water well cribbing

On-site Consultation

Call us to schedule an on-site consultation.

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