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Wood Splitting and Wood Chipping Equipment in the Yukon

Count on Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. for all your residential or commercial wood chipping and splitting needs. We’re proud to carry products from Wallenstein, a recognized industry leader. Contact us in the Yukon for more information!

Wood Chipping Equipment

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. is proud to offer customers the latest in wood chipping equipment in Whitehorse. Our range of Wallenstein wood chippers features a heavy duty rotor as well as reversible chipping blades. These reversible blades are precision cut and hardened to maintain a sharp cutting edge and maximize your chipper’s overall performance. Our chippers come standard with an adjustable exit chute to allow easy loading, keeping wood chips off the ground and reducing the time you spend on clean-up.

Find the perfect wood chipper:

  • BXM series

  • BXMC series

  • BXMT series

Wood Splitting

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. is proud to offer a full range of wood splitters from Wallenstein. These wood splitters feature a wide wedge that splits your log in minimal distance, reducing the cycle time requirements and enabling you to work faster. Wallenstein wood splitters also use direct pressure to power through even the toughest wood with ease. Safety is paramount with Wallenstein and that’s why these splitters feature hands-free return technology.

Browse Wallenstein’s range of wood splitters:

  • WE200 Series

  • WX300 Series

  • WX400 Series

  • WX500 Series

  • WX600 Series

  • WX900 Series

Chippers and Splitters

Find a wide range of wood chippers and splitters from Wallenstein.

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